Sheena Johnson

I discover the essence of the project, forge an
emotional connection with the audience, and make it great.

About Me

I discover the essence of the project, forge an emotional connection with the audience, and make it great.

I am a designer with 10+ years of hands-on work experience in UI/UX design for Internet applications and mobile devices. I've led and mentored teams of designers, embraced user centered design, and produced high-performing content across all platforms.
I've led and mentored teams of designers, embraced industry best practices, and produced high-performing content across all platforms. I have embraced art-and-design ethos through my career, leveraging the combination to create experiences that bring in people.
User Interface Design
Thorough understanding of Human Interaction Guidelines for Android and iOS, best practices for web applications, and NNG interaction design literature.
Design Life-Cycle:
Design process management, extensive experience designing for large international audiences, in-depth knowledge of full design life-cycle driven by qualitative and quantitative metrics, and rapid design validation through user testing.
UX Praxis
User scenarios, personas, user goals definition, user stories, use cases, investigating user behaviour, constructing mental models, goal definition, needs analysis, wire-framing and prototyping, concept validation, user interviews and usability testing.
Tools & Skills:
UsabilityTesting, UsabilityHub, Inspeclet, Prototyper, Omnigraffle, Balsamiq, Invision, Adobe Creative Suite, Jira, Confluence, Google Analytics, HTML/CSS, jQuery.

Work Experience

PlentyOfFish Media Inc

Creative Director, 2009-Current
PlentyOfFish is the world's largest online dating site, with over 90 million registered users. What began as a modest start-up, quickly grew into a great success – revolutionizing the online dating industry as the first free online dating site. PlentyOfFish is now available in 5 languages, has expanded into new markets, and offers Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. Additionally, PlentyOfFish has created three other dating applications: eVow, Passion Match, Fastlife Speed Dating.

At PlentyOfFish, I have:

  • Championed and refined user-centered design methodologies across the organization, evolving the design team from a production line and into a confident, critically thinking creative team.
  • Implement UX design strategies into the product definition process through close collaboration with UX team.
  • Formulated requirements and objectives, conducting user research, optimizing designs through quick validation cycles and having open feedback loops with product owners and users.
  • Work closely with product managers, customer service team and data analysis team to glean and formulate user requirements and business objectives.
  • Produce extensive documentation and guidelines.
  • Optimize core revenue generating features through quick validation cycles and transparent product-design feedback loops.
  • Lead, collaborate, mentor UI designers and work closely with developers to ensure the overall quality and experience is consistent.
  • Act as principal UI designer in constructing interface across all POF verticals, as well as non-POF products.
  • Redesigned all POF web screens to accommodate responsive web practices, as well as supporting style guides, grids, assets and design documentation.
  • Redesigned all mobile applications for Android and iOS products, through user-testing, applying mobile best practices and recommendations from Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Lead and conceptualized key features for the Passion Match apps, mentoring design team members through the process of building an app from the ground up.
  • Extensive user-testing and design variations for eVow web and mobile apps, providing strategic recommendations and easy wins to improve the product and increase conversions.
  • Defined and created the responsive mobile experience for Fastlife, as well as supporting style guides, grids, assets and design documentation.

Kambo Green Solutions

UI & UX Designer, 2013-2014

Kambo Green offers a carefully curated suite of products and professional guidance to help inform visitors of the energy-saving options available to them. They are Canada's leading destination for green products, guidance, and installation guides, enabling customers to make the right energy decisions for their tenants, buildings, and homes.

At Kambo Green Solutions, I have:

  • Aligned business objectives with the needs of end users.
  • Acted as principal UI designer in constructing interface across all Kambo platforms.
  • Conducted market research and produced competitive analyses documentation.
  • Created and maintain printed collateral and marketing materials.

Freelance Contractor

UI & UX Designer, 2004-2014

I've partnered with companies of all sizes and provided a wide range of services, from developing branding systems for successful startups, to fully developed websites and user experiences. I create lasting and meaningful relationships between my clients and their audiences, through smart thinking and intelligent design. I've worked together with clients to articulate their brand vision, values, culture and personality, while considering their business in the context of its competitive landscape, analysing trends, and we define audience requirements and patterns of behaviour.

Freelance Experience:

  • High fidelity UI design and web development of numerous blogs, websites, e-commerce shops, advertisements, and emails.
  • Print design for logos, letterhead, business cards and marketing collateral, annual reports, and catalogues.
  • Defined various brands and their overall visual identity.
  • Conducted usability testing and made recommendations based on findings.
  • Produced high level product documentation along with visual and interaction guidelines.
  • Produced wireframes and prototypes for the web experience.

Dr. Peter Aids Foundation

Designer 2014

The Dr. Peter Aids Foundation is a non-profit organization using innovative health care to become a leader in HIV/AIDS care, specifically for individuals with social barriers and multiple medical conditions.

As a creative volunteer at the centre, I strive to adhere to the values of the Dr. Peter Aids Foundation, conveying the compassion, courage, inclusion and innovation for which the centre has become known for.

Onext Media Inc

Senior Designer, 2007-2009

Onext Media was a digital advertising and broadcast company, distributing client advertisements across Canada, through digital signage and menu boards.

Responsibilities included executing digital design strategies and concepts for digital advertising campaigns, while leading brainstorming exercises with project managers and sales directors, and provided direction and inspiration to other designers.


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What people say?:

It is such a pleasure to give this recommendation of Sheena Johnson. She is one of the most detailed oriented, forward thinking creatives I have ever worked with.

Kelsey Bowman, Not Your Memories

What people say?:

Sheena is innovative and always seems to have a great awareness of new creative strategies and technology. Not only was her work visually outstanding, she also made sure that it reflected the values and the purpose of the product and the company.

Parisa Germani